Snow Business

10 - 12 Players 

Each winter, the Harrisons and the Perrys ski in the French Alps and always rent the Chalet Flaubert. They hire the whole chalet and bring both families and friends.

The holidays are usually an opportunity to relax and unwind away from the pressures of normal life, but this year has been different. Jacqui and Mariella have been arguing, Lucy has sprained her wrist, snow has cut the chalet off – and tonight, real tragedy has struck.

A few minutes ago, John Morgan was found dead at the foot of the attic steps, his neck broken at an unfortunate angle. Nobody can leave the chalet; and there is no phone or radio in here… Did John fall or was he pushed? Is there a murderer in Chalet Flaubert? Can you achieve your goals, keep your secrets hidden and survive Snow Business? It’s up to you.

Rated 18+ (Includes references to infidelity)


Book a hosted game


Hire a host to run the game for you.

Estimated price: PMB - R5000 to R5100, Durban - R6000 to R6200, Ballito - R6500 to R6600 

We provide the game, a host and some simple props. You provide a venue, players, food, decor etc.