Rosie’s Joint

6 - 80 Players 

With the passing of prohibition and organised crime on the rise, The Juice Joint, a swanky speakeasy run by Rosie Marie, has been nothing but jumping. To celebrate its success, Rosie is planning a party to remember at the exclusive nightspot… and you are invited!

However, one of the names on the guest list is also on another’s hit list… and no one is safe from the consequences.

With murder on the menu, you are certain to find a medley of individuals to make the night most memorable. From major mobsters and their molls to the swanky singer with her hopes at Hollywood. The cigarette girl with a temper that sizzles to the crooked police chief with nothing to lose—no one is safe from murder…but everyone will have a chance at solving it.

Will the culprit be the Mayor who is capable of murder? The blacklisted bootlegger desperate to increase their sales? Or possibly the director with a shot at making history?

With the recipe for murder, The Juice Joint will be certain to be serving up a night of mayhem to remember.

Rated 18+


Book a hosted game


Hire a host to run the game for you.

We provide the game, a host and some simple props. You provide a venue, players, food, decor etc.

6 – 8 Player game (Adult theme only)

PMB – R4800 to R4900, Durban – R5800 to R5900, Ballito – R6200 to R6300 

8 – 12 Player Game (Adult / LGBT Male / New Years Eve themes) 

PMB – R5000 to R5200, Durban – R6000 to R6200, Ballito – R6400 to R6600 

10 – 15 Player Game (Adult / LGBT Male / New Years Eve themes) 

PMB – R5100 to R5400, Durban – R6200 to R6500, Ballito – R6600 to R6900 

15 – 20 Player Game (LGBT Male / New Years Eve themes) 

PMB – R5600 to R5800, Durban – R6600 to R6900, Ballito – R7000 to R7300

21 – 80 Player Game (LGBT Male / New Years Eve themes) 

PMB – R6300 to R9200, Durban – R7400 to R10300, Ballito – R7700 to R10700


On Special

15 – 80 Player Game (Adult theme only)

PMB – R4500 to R7700, Durban – R5500 to R8800, Ballito – R5900 to R9200