Lord and Lady Westing’s Will

11 - 16 Players 

Lord and Lady Westing’s Will is set in 1935, at Chateauhouse in Derbyshire, England: the country estate of the wealthy and influential Lord and Lady Westing.

Lord and Lady Westing have died in a tragic hot-air balloon accident. You have been invited to a celebration of their life and legacy. It will be a day of celebration and gaiety (and possibly great reward!) The year is 1935 and there are rumblings of war across Europe. The Great War is still fresh in people’s memory. Times are lean and Germany is looking more militant by the day. The tragic death of this charming and exciting couple only further darkens the mood of the country.

But there are hints that not all is as it seems. Why did the Westings arrange this unusual party to read their will? Why did they invite crime-solvers as well as some of Europe’s and America’s more notorious personalities? Was their death truly an accident? – or is something more sinister in the wind?

Rated 15+ (References to flirtation and a playboy lifestyle)


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