Dazzled to Death

12 - 15 Players 

It is 1948. The socialite Evington-Browne family (“E-B” to their friends) and guests are preparing for their annual cocktail party, held by tradition at the family’s hunting lodge in the White Mountains north of Boston. A fierce storm has now set in, and the party finds itself cut off from the rest of the world. This is unfortunate, as the valet of one of the guests has been found dead in the kitchen! It looks like a heart attack – but is it murder? Can you achieve your goals, keep your secrets hidden and survive Dazzled to Death? It’s up to you.

In Dazzled to Death you will discover the following:

  • Who has been wearing a mask to sneak around?
  • Who will inherit the Dazzling Diamonds?
  • Would the infamous cat-burglar ‘the Puma’ dare to strike here?
  • Are the Evington-Browne family in danger of losing their money, their reputation in society and their sanity?
  • Can anyone keep control of Tracy’s pet monkey?
  • … and, of course, who killed the valet?

Find out in Dazzled to Death!

Important note: Dazzled to Death is an alternative version of one of our other games, The Night before Christmas. The characters and the plots are the same, so if your guests have previously played The Night before Christmas, they’ll know the secrets of Dazzled to Death too! The difference is that The Night before Christmas is written specifically for a Christmas setting, while Dazzled to Death is suitable for any time of year.

Rated 15+ (Refers to a child born out of wedlock, although this is handled delicately)


Book a hosted game


Hire a host to run the game for you.

Estimated price: PMB - R5100 to R5300, Durban - R6200 to R6300, Ballito - R6600 to R6700 

We provide the game, a host and some simple props. You provide a venue, players, food, decor etc.