Murder Mystery Dinner Games

KwaZulu Natal, South Africa

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You provide the participants, a venue, food, etc

Buy a ticket to join a game we are organising at a venue in KZN

We provide the venue, game, host and eats at a date and venue of our choice

You just pitch up and play

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Host the game yourself at your own venue

How do the games work?

There are many different types of Murder Mystery Games. Some are played by teams (usually tables), who are given clues and try to solve a mystery. Some games have scripted parts that are acted out or read out by professional actors, or by the participants.

Then there are other kinds of games which are unscripted, where each participant gets a character with their own objectives, secrets, skills etc and they then play the role of that character, asking questions, finding clues and making alliances to achieve their goals in an unscripted, self-directed way.

We play-tested a few different types of games, and the ones we most liked to play were the unscripted character-based ones. So those are the games we offer. They are highly engaging and full of twists and sub-plots.

We offer games from two different companies. Our ‘Standard’ games are a bit simpler, and recommended for beginner players. These games can cater for 5 – 80+ players. We also have more complicated games for seasoned murder mystery gamers, which are for 6 – 33 players.