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How do the games work?

There are many different types of Murder Mystery Games. Some are played by teams (usually tables), who are given clues and try to solve a mystery. Some games have scripted parts that are acted out or read out by professional actors, or by the participants.

Then there are other kinds of games which are unscripted, where each participant gets a character with their own objectives, secrets, skills etc and they then play the role of that character, asking questions, finding clues and making alliances to achieve their goals in an unscripted, self-directed way. 

We play-tested a few different types of games, and the ones we most liked to play were the unscripted character-based ones. So those are the games we offer. They are highly engaging and full of twists and sub-plots. 

We offer games from two different companies. The one company provides games for about 6 – 34 players. The other has bigger games for 15 – 80+ players.


Popular Games


Hollywood Lies

It’s awards night and Tom Speed’s latest film, Dazzled to Death, has just swept the board and garnered four Erics – for Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Director and Best Screenplay. Sadly, Tom Speed’s award for Best Actor was accepted posthumously by his friend, Hayden Vicars, as Tom was killed in a driving accident late last night.

Despite this note of sadness, celebrations are in full swing at the Dazzled to Death post-award party. Deals are being cut for future productions and everyone is having a good time enjoying the atmosphere and mingling with Hollywood’s movers and shakers.

Is there anything suspicious about Tom Speed’s death? Who will win next year’s Erics? Find out at Hollywood Lies

A game for 16 – 32 players ages 12+


Way Out West

It’s the spring of 1884. America’s west coast is slowly being populated with small towns full of settlers, coming to prospect for precious metals, set up ranches and run dubious saloons. Now the railway is coming!

Cactus Gulch is one such small town. Founded 20 years ago, tonight it has a festive air as the townsfolk get set to start their 20th anniversary celebrations. Plus, the railway is coming!

However, all is not running smoothly. Land disputes, disreputable card games, strange folk from out of town and hostile Indians are all adding to a tense atmosphere…

A game for 10 – 24 players ages 12+


A Dead Man's Chest

Two pirate crews descend upon the sleepy Caribbean island of Santo Oloroso – to avenge the death of their former master Captain Flint, or to find and grab his treasure?

Old enmities will surface, deals will be made and broken, and some folk will swing from the yard-arm while others receive the dreaded Black Spot, before these affairs are settled, for good or ill.

Will fortune favour the brave? Will faint heart ever win fair lady? How many Pieces of Eight make a Doubloon? Find out all this and more at A Dead Man’s Chest.

A game for 12 – 16 players ages 12+